Sunday, August 11, 2013

Interesting news and articles - August 11th, 2013


Guatemala: 'Extraordinary' Mayan frieze found

Bulgaria archaeologists find big votive relief of Zeus -- And an eagle flies overhead.  The eagle was a symbol of Zeus.

Ancient Astronomical Calendar Discovered in Scotland Predates Stonehenge by 6,000 Years -- It's also older than calendars found in the fertile crescent region of the Middle East.


Ayia Napa sea monster

Watch this: The Jersey Devil On Video - 1st Footage of It Ever Caught -- If you don't want to watch the whole video, just skip to a little past the 14 minute mark to see the footage of the alleged Jersesy Devil.  The footage is only on thermal imaging though.  It does look like it matches the description...but it also look like it was sitting just a little too still.


Is that a ghost that was caught on time-lapse? -- Because it's a time lapse video, it only appears in one not much to go on.


The Acropolis Museum Presents Archaic Colors

History's Mysteries

Indonesian Megalithic Site Could Be More Than 9000 Years Old... And Part Of An Ancient Pyramid


Halesowen residents driven to distraction by "mystery sound"

Spooked baboons baffle Dutch zoo in Emmen

A volcano or a UFO? What created this mysterious Siberian crater? -- When local natives of a place have a story about an "evil" place and that place is a place that is once thought to have high levels of radiation, it makes me wonder if calling the place "evil" is a really just a way of warning people to keep out...because, you know, you actually should keep out.  It would be like calling Chernobyl or Fukishima an "evil" place today, to keep people from going to there.

It's a funnel cloud! It's a shadow! No, it's ... what is it?


Mystery Particle To Make Devices Even Tinier

What Twins Reveal About The Science Of Faith

Chocolate May Help Keep Brain Healthy

Tidy desk or messy desk? Each has its benefits

Swansea scientists discover the brain's own 'sat nav' system

Nice to hear you! Dolphins recognise old friends even after 20 years apart


NASA Probe to Solve Mars Atmosphere Mystery

Huge deep-sea glow worm called the 'Unicorn of the Sea' grows to size of two double-decker buses -- Someone can find this thing out in the sea, but no one seems to be able to find Nessie when they are specifically looking for her.  What are the odds?


Mystery object falls from sky, area sealed off by military: 'Weather balloon', say officials

Mystery of flashing lights over Dorset landmark

Motorists see flying car UFO in New Zealand

Other topics of interest...

Rare sprite lightning discharge caught on camera

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