Sunday, September 29, 2013

Interesting news and articles - September 29, 2013

I probably won't be posting any news links next weekend.  I'll be vacationing and probably won't be doing much reading.  I've been thinking about making these news links posts a bi-weekly or even a monthly thing anyway.  When I look through my recent post history, I feel like it looks cluttered with news links posts, which isn't what I started this blog for.  I started it to post my own thoughts, but I haven't felt like writing about much lately.  But I do have a new post I've written up that I should be posting tomorrow.  For now though, here's some more news links.


Skeleton of Ancient Prince Reveals Etruscan Life


Legendary Dogman seen in Ottawa County?

Mogollon Monster


Researchers build 'Google Earth' project for the ancient world

Seeking Abraham Lincoln at the Gettysburg Address

History's Mysteries

Secret Code: Music Score May Lead to Nazi Gold

The Intriguing Ancient Underground City of Derinkuyu

Muddy Memories? --Myths of long ago times when it was cold and without fire (the last ice age?).

Terceira: Subaquatic pyramidal shaped structure found – Azores -- I used to think the Azores was a strong candidate of being part of mythical Atlantis, but now I'm pretty sure Atlantis was probably the ancient "Minoan" civilization of Crete.  But it's still interesting that they may have found a pyramid near the Azores.  All the more evidence of lost civilizations from before the Great Flood (or last ice age, whichever you prefer that fits your worldview).  See posts I've written here and here for more.


Mystery plane discovered in US lake

Oconto County Spooklight

NDE Research

Life after death? Arizona man says he has seen a glimpse of the afterlife


How to Erase Bad Memories --Sounds interesting,  but I don't know how you'd target a specific memory.  Sounds like something that could potentially cause a problem and make you forget the wrong thing.  Or something someone could abuse to make someone forget something.


Water Found On Mars... FOR REAL!

'Rotating moon' filmed by Nasa -- What it would look like to see the moon rotating.  We don't notice the rotation because it is tidally locked...meaning we only see one side of it.


Argentina: Disappearing Paranormal UFOs  --Are they disappearing, or are they just speeding away so fast it looks like they are disappearing?

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