Monday, September 9, 2013

Interesting news and articles - September 8, 2013


The Roman Empire's OTHER Hadrian's Wall? Declassified spy photos reveal 'Trajan's Rampart' that once stretched from the Danube to the Black Sea

Thirteenth Century “Vampire” Remains Discovered in Bulgaria

Who built these ancient metal pipes deep inside a mountain cave? --This almost made it to the History's Mysteries section...but it turns out the answer isn't so mysterious after all.


Unidentified animal seen on trail cam  --Well it doesn't look big enough to be a bigfoot.  Besides, it's not even standing on it's hind legs.  It does look a bit ape like, but I'm not convinced it's not just a dog with it's head down.


Man Discovers Phantom Figure in Facebook Photo, Image Analyst: “I Believe This is a Real Ghost” does look like a ghost.  But I'm not convinced that's what it is.

History's Mysteries

Footprints in Rock Evidence of Ancient People From Sky?


Mystery of the Mexican rocks that shine, give off a strange vapour and have locals fearing for their health


Study: To The Human Brain, Me Is We

The whole internet can't identify this mystery cocoon

Underwater volcano one of Solar System's biggest


UFO Hovering Over NY’s Highway 87 Captured On Video

Other topics of interest...

Flying saucer found in Hollywood Hills --Don't get too excited.  Just a discarded movie prop.

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