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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What if our physical bodies are the biological drones of our spirit selves?

I sometimes listen to Alex Tsakaris' Skeptiko podcast and a term I hear him refer to a lot is "biological robot."  The concept behind the term suggests that human bodies are nothing more than robots made of flesh and blood where consciousness is just an illusion created within the brain.  It's an atheistic concept that Alex doesn't agree with, and I don't agree with it either.  I think consciousness goes beyond the brain and is a part of our spiritual selves.

But what if you could blend the concept of a biological robot with spirituality?  We think of a robot as something constructed out of metal and circuitry with some kind of computer controlling its body like the one in the video below.

A robot may have a computer controlling it's function, but a human can still send commands to it.  So what if our physical bodies are something like a robot that gets "commands" from our spiritual self?  What if the physical body is the biological "drone" of a spirit "pilot?"  The biological drone body may be preprogrammed to perform tasks like regulating bodily functions and to have default responses to certain situations (instincts).  The spirit pilot could still issue commands and perhaps even override instinctual responses to certain situations if the situation warranted a different response.

I come from a Christian background, so I'm reminded of the story from Genesis where God creates man from the "dust of the earth" and gives man dominion over the Earth to till the land.  We have now created robots and drones using the metals of the earth to perform tasks for us.  What if God did much the same thing by creating biological drones to maintain the Earth?  What if those biological drone bodies are actually the physical avatars of spirits?  If you come from a different background, you could reinterpret what I just said with whatever suits you, whether it be some "universal consciousness" or alien overlords, but the concept would still be the same.  Were we created to maintain the Earth?  Could it be our spiritual selves are unable to directly interact with the physical plane so biological drones were created from the physical plane (the "dust of the earth") so our spiritual selves could directly interact it?  Could our spiritual selves be guiding us in much the same way we could play a virtual reality game?

People who report having near-death experiences typically say they can recall hovering outside of their body and they may experience the reality around them with greater clarity.  What if that experience is like the spiritual equivalent of removing a virtual reality helmet where your awareness shifts from the digitally created virtual reality to the actual reality around you?

I think this concept would fit well with someone who believes in reincarnation as well.  Whereas the biological drone body could give out eventually, the spirit pilot would live eternally and could be capable of taking over a new biological drone body.  The drone body wouldn't be able to recall the previous body because it is a new body, but the spirit pilot would still remember the old body.  Kind of like how you might replace an old computer with a new computer when the old one crashes.  The new computer wouldn't remember the old computer because it isn't the old computer.  But you as the user would still remember the old computer even as you issue commands on your new computer.

If this concept I've outlined here is in any way accurate, I myself probably wouldn't follow the reincarnation aspect.  I think it would be more likely the spirit self is born alongside the physical body, but the spirit self operates at a higher level than the physical body.  Whatever the case may be, these are just some of my rambling "what if" thoughts and it doesn't necessarily mean I think everything I've outlined here is the true reality.  I do feel that we are spirit beings living in physical bodies though.

If any of my ramblings here are accurate or even partially accurate portrayals of reality, I imagine they over-simplifications of something much more grand.

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