Sunday, December 8, 2013

Interesting news and articles - December 8th, 2013

This might be the only "news links" post I do this month.  I've been busy lately with the holidays and I've barely had time to put this one together, so I don't know if I will do another one this month or not.  We'll see how it goes.  In the meantime though, check out some of my Christmas themed posts from years past!


Americas’ natives have European roots

'Cultic' Temple, 10,000-Year-Old House Found in Israel

'Secret' Labyrinth of Tunnels Under Rome Mapped


A Map of the United States' Mythical Lake Monsters

Mystery 'alien-like creature' seen in Bristol harbor --There's video at the link...pretty cool looking glowing creature...if it really is a creature.

Move Over Sasquatch, Here Comes Britfoot! --I'm mostly just posting this because I liked the title of the article.  I found the picture to be very unconvincing.

History's Mysteries

Comte de Saint Germain: Rosicrucian, Ascended Master, or Immortal?

The Waffle Rock: What the Heck is it?

Did Frederick William Birmingham build a flying machine based on his bizarre 1868 UFO "vision" in Parramatta, NSW, Australia?


No Answers for Rattled Old Mystic Residents About Mysterious Booms --How cool is it that a town that hears mysterious booms also just so happens to be called "Old Mystic?"

Brown Mountain Lights: Fire Erupts in the Linville Gorge

Mystery Object Falls from Sky in Long Island

UFOs and Phone Interference

Mexico: Alleged “Luminous Entities” Photographed in Playa del Carmen (Quintana Roo)

The Mystery of Dimes Appearing From Nowhere and Other Strange Phenomenon


Scientist wants to teleport Martians to Earth


What’s The Bright Spot On Planet Ceres?

Astronomers discover ‘accidental’ giant planet ‘that should not be’

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