Sunday, January 5, 2014

Interesting news and articles - January 5, 2014


Did BEER create civilization? Ancient man developed agriculture to brew alcohol, NOT to bake bread, claims scientist

Unlocking the scrolls of Herculaneum

An unidentified royal statue head found in Luxor

Giraffe was on the menu in Pompeii

The Sounds of History: Acoustic Significance in Ancient Architecture


Iceland's Hidden Elves Delay Road Projects

Werewolfsquatch: Werewolves, Yetis, and Wild Men

History's Mysteries

The Lost Giants: A Great Big Contentious Debate


Has the mystery of nine skiers who died in the Siberian wilderness in 1959 been SOLVED? Author claims new 'scientific' explanation for the Dyatlov Pass incident --In short, the theory blames the deaths on terror induced by infrasound cause by the wind going to the mountains.  While that might be plausible, I don't think it's a full explanation.  I don't think infrasound is going to make someone's eyes and tongue disappear.

Man's life-changing injury remains a mystery


Can hidden information in photographs be used to spot criminals?

Human-Robot Integration: Coming to a Factory Near You

Desert Billboard Makes Clean Drinking Water From Thin Air

Scientists Levitate Objects in Three Dimensions with Sound Waves

Dogs poop in line with Earth’s magnetic field, says study

Mystery flashes linked to quakes -- Also check out my post on earthquake lights.

Just four months until we can understand dogs! Dog-to-English translator to become a reality  --If that's true, the product as it is now doesn't look too impressive to me.  The video didn't even include a demonstration of a translation, only an explanation on how the device is supposed to work.  And I don't know if some dogs would even wear the device.  If they can pull it off though, I think it would be awesome.

Scientific Fraud

Nobel winner declares boycott of top science journals

Professor admits faking AIDS vaccine to get $19M in grants --At the end of the article it says the professor agreed not to seek government contracts for three years...I hope that isn't the only consequence he has to face after wasting all that money.  I think there should be a steep fine for wasting all that money on bogus research.


Nova Centauri 2013 Turns Pink


Terrified airline pilot DUCKS as he sees UFO heading straight to cockpit

Gloucestershire police's calls about aliens revealed -- This was my favorite call transcription from the article:
     Elsewhere in the county, this report was taken from a caller in the Stroud area on May 22, 2010: “Road obstruction, caller has come home to find an alien’s car parked on his driveway.”

Other topics of interest...

A new suspect in bee deaths: the US government --Well...not directly but indirectly due to a failure to ban certain pesticides.

The Inuit Paradox - How can people who gorge on fat and rarely see a vegetable be healthier than we are?

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