Sunday, May 18, 2014

Interesting news and articles - May 18, 2014


For ‘Cleopatra’s Needle,’ a Cleaning to Last 500 Years

'Missing Link' Skeleton May Solve Mystery of First Americans

Santa Maria? Wreckage of Columbus' Famous Ship Possibly Found

Stone circles found on Virginia property

Mysterious Rock Lines Found In Peru Predate Ancient Nazca Lines By Centuries, Scientist Say

Archaeologists discover 5,600-year-old tomb in Egypt

500-Year-Old Vampire Grave Unearthed in Polish Marketplace

'Biggest dinosaur ever' discovered


10 Unusual Events in World War II

Letters to priest provide rare insight into life of Jackie Kennedy

Mysterious writing in rare 16th-century Homer identified

History's Mysteries

The Mystery of Bouvet Island --A team of researchers visit the remote island in the South Atlantic to research a new part of the island that formed due to volcanic activity.  They come across a lifeboat, oars, and a copper tank, but no signs of a camp.  Another expedition comes to the island a couple of years later and finds no trace of the boat, oars, or tank.

Proof Of the Actual Ancient Americans


Metal mystery continues: Roof hole not from plane part

Psychic Phenomena

MH370: Remote viewing and psychic sleuths


Air Force prepares to dismantle HAARP ahead of summer shutdown

'Vampire therapy' could reverse ageing, scientists find

New life: Scientists create first semi-synthetic organism with 'alien' DNA

Scientific Fraud

MSM Pushes Doomsday Arctic Ice Sheet Propaganda


‘Sibling’ sun found 110 light yrs from Earth

MORE Mars Light Anomalies. Curious? Neither is NASA


UFO Sightings Reported in China's Heilongjiang Province --Not just sightings, but landings!  But it is suspected they are parts of a Russian rocket, not aliens.

Why Mysterious UFO-Like Lights Glow in this Norwegian Valley

UFO Flies Through US Man's Window: Was It Space Junk, A Plane Part Or... What?

'Flying Dorito' in West Texas skies

Possible UFO crop circles spotted at Muckaty Station, Australia

On The Trail of the Men in Black

Kaifeng City: China’s Roswell?

Other topics of interest...

The Stone Age People of North Sentinel Island --Home to an uncontacted tribe of people who have no writing and don't know how to make fire.  Any attempts to contact, even when gifts are brought, are met with hostility.

Just Say the Magic Word --Terrorism, that is.

Western lawmakers gather in Utah to talk federal land takeover --The Old West wants it land back!

The Elf Whisperer of Iceland

Do our thoughts exist in the physical world?

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