Sunday, May 4, 2014

Interesting news and articles - May 4th, 2014


The Colosseum's Badly Needed Bath - The first full cleaning in the Colosseum's history aims to return the Roman monument to its former splendor

Crimea’s looted treasure on the political agenda

Researchers Announce Breakthrough On Understanding Demographic History Of Stone-Age Scandinavian Foragers And Farmers 

Tsunami created North Sea ‘Atlantis’ 8,000 years ago

Mysterious Buried Artifacts Discovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings


Locals in Bethel, Alaska Report 'Hairy Man' Sightings

Loch Ness monster is “spiritual” say Buddhists --This, or something along these lines, might be more believable that an actual physical being living in the loch.

Has sonar finally found the Loch Ness Monster? Images reveal an 'unusual' object lurking deep beneath the Scottish lake

The Science Behind Bigfoot Odor

The Big Grey Man of Ben Macdhui - Britain's Very Own Bigfoot?


Meet the UK's scariest ghosts from Henry VIII's spirit to haunting headless horsemen


Keeping Time: Why 60 Minutes?

History's Mysteries

Ancient Civilizations? Check Out These Mysterious Structures Found On The Bottom Of The Ocean Floor

Not Ancient Aliens: Rethinking the Origins Of Ancient Mysteries

Scientists Discovered the Egyptian Secret to Moving Huge Pyramid Stones


Does the Lineage Of Giants Still Exist?

6 Fascinating Unsolved Mysteries Involving Cryptic Messages

Mysterious Holes In Indiana Sand Dune Could Be 'New Geological Phenomenon'


Milky Way's Structure Mapped in Unprecedented Detail

Use your illusion: why human vision is a mathematical impossibility --How you see it is all in your mind.

Scientific Fraud

The case for blunders in science

Earth ‘Serially Doomed’: UN Issues New 15 Year Climate Tipping Point – But UN Issued Tipping Points in 1982 & Another 10-Year Tipping Point in 1989!


'Coldest ever' star spotted just beyond our solar system - and it could be as frosty as Earth's North Pole --Interesting that a star could be so cold!

Unexplained Intergalactic Radio Bursts Confirmed At Arecibo

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