Sunday, July 13, 2014

Interesting news and articles - July 13, 2014

I've been very busy recently, so I haven't done much reading, but I did manage to scrounge these articles up.  Although I think I'm a week late posting them!


Remains of Long-Lost Temple Discovered in Iraq

Roman skeleton discovery could rewrite British history

The Truth About Giant Skeletons in American Indian Mounds


DNA study shows yeti is real (sort of) – and Oxford scientist prepares expedition to find it

History's Mysteries

The "Originators" South Pacific Settlements Revealed!

The Universal Symbol of the Ancients Revealed!

Mysterious Earthen Rings Predate Amazon Rainforest

New clue found in Amelia Earhart mystery

NDE Research

Near-death experiences are surprisingly similar - and vivid


First Scientific Proof Of God Found --The gist of this article claims that so called "junk DNA" in humans actually has bible verses in it that translate into Aramaic.  Sounds very cool, but I'm skeptical.

Time Travel From Ancient Mythology to Modern Science


Found! Most Distant Stars in Milky Way Galaxy


We Now Know What Caused Most UFO Sightings --In the 50's and 60's that is.  It was the U2 spy plane.

WikiLeaks Documents Discuss Extraterrestrials, UFOs

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